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Concrete Polishing: Fastest Growing Option for Maintenance Free Floors.

concrete polishing AZThe recent strides in technology and manufacturing, has spurned a new generation of tools and equipment used to bring the ultimate low maintenance flooring to a wide variety of applications.

Whether new concrete or old, industrial needs or residential use, polishing concrete has become a viable option for, virtually, any structurally sound concrete surface.

At a cost comparable to most other durable floor covering options, polished concrete adds many more unique finishes not matched by most other options at the same price point, including granite flooring, marble, stone and porcelain tile.

colored-aggregate-concrete-polishThe limitations are more evident for the retro-fitted, existing concrete slabs. Although either can produce a similar top finish shine or sheen, the new concrete projects can include integral colors of cement accented by multiple colored aggregate options.

Existing concrete surfaces can be accented with directional scoring that can add character and design.

As a multi-step process, polishing concrete can be customized to yield a variety top tier finishes, from a satin finish to an ultra high gloss and everything in between.

concrete-polishing-interiorWhether a warehouse floor or an office floor is needed, a restaurant floor or a home kitchen, polished concrete is becoming the new choice of engineers and architects as well as home decorators and home owners.

There is a new breed of artisans emerging, meeting the growing needs of an industry requiring higher and higher sustainability with a lower and lower environmental impact.

With maintenance requirements of polished concrete next to nothing and a lifespan of usability approaching forever, its tough to compete with.

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